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Sierra de la Ventana to Azul, Thursday, 14 February 2013, Day 226

Hills did not last long back in the flat lands with the odd interesting view but mostly flat.

Happy Valentines Day for those of you celebrating and bah humbug if like me and you are on your own in some place called Blue. (Azul)  The good news is I am writing this blog on the same day as it happened so that means I am finally up to date with this until tomorrow. I am also doing this without my glasses as well as I have left them at a restaurant so I have got Word on a huge font so that I can read what I am writing why I would want to read this drivel I have no idea 🙂

More Sunflowers


unmanned railway crossing normally whiz across them without thinking about it every now and again a huge is train crossing I must pay more attention or I will get squished.

So remember yesterday all the science that went in selecting my camping spot well I woke up slowly being cooked no shade what so ever I had miscalculated the height of the tree and the trajectory of the sun and I was wanting a bit of a kip in but to bloody hot bugger. So up and away quite early to a place called Azul to a Bikers place run on donations that I had heard about called http://www.laposta-azul.com so a short day today as I have been doing some big mileage days for a while. Pretty scenery which was short lived and back to the boring flat agriculture scenery and it’s hot and the wind is still having a poke at me every now again. So a boring ride again I am not enjoying myself that much at the moment especially with loads of serious dull miles. There are moments of interaction that I am enjoying but the boring bits are getting longer and I am not sure if this will change anytime soon so my thoughts are moving to pulling the plug and going home I think old Phillys has run out of steam or needs another goal and target to aim for as the last couple of days have not been much joy on the bike and I do not want this last bit to be the last impression I recall of this trip as that would be a dam shame so I need to figure out how to get the joy back into this trip not just in the evenings but during the day as well. I have been fighting the wind my invisible enemy for ever never knowing when it was going to give me a another nudge at the wrong time and this is using a lot of energy and I am mentally very tired so this needs to be addressed as well.

Very YMCA type policeman in my view!

So I am very happy when I pull into the La Posta and its empty and has a very quite peaceful garden it looks like a place I can stop and recharge my batteries and see if I can get my head straight and try to find my happy mojo which I know is there somewhere it is just hiding from the wind. (the place is full of rabbits wandering all over the place:-))

I was hoping for a bed but it is back in the tent as Jorge reckons it will be cooler there than in the bunkhouse, which is like an oven. I set up camp and then I wander into town as I am in need of some liquids as its hot and I found a Internet café with a decent connection so spend a good while uploading pictures and getting parts of this published which was enjoyable having an Internet that actually worked.

I went for a walk and found a nice place for dinner on the square but the cook will not be in till 8.30pm so I order a Lomito which is a meat sandwich which I keep ordering and I do like but I still do not have no idea what it is but so far always its always been lekker.

yet another nice sculpture!

I head back to the La Poste and realise that I have left me specs at the restaurant and it’s a good 20 minutes walk back into town so I will pick them up in the morning as I have decided I am staying here another night as its Friday night tomorrow and Jorge has invited me to a BBQ and another day on the Internet and then this will be up to date the tent is definitely in the shade so a lie in may be a possibility so I am looking forward to a lazy day tomorrow but it already sounds quite busy to me oh well.

I am on my own in an empty clubhouse and its nice having the place to myself which is often hard to find when you are on the road that little place to just chill and do your own thing just like you would do in your own house so it is that bit of privacy that you are missing you spend a lot of time on your own but your not really on your own and its moments like this that I like and miss and which I cannot always find.

So beddy byes enough drivel for now.

Names says it all!

Jorge has just popped into say hello and he say’s that the route north and north Argentina is totally different to Patagonia and its much more interesting which is a huge relief and he says that its not just me that has my head done in by Patagonia it does his head in as well so that is a relief and I am so glad that the scenery will get more interesting again heading north 🙂

Azul, Friday, 15 February 2013, Day 227

Azul nope I have no idea what this is all about either!

The tent is in the shade this morning so I am not cooked out of the tent today the plan as mentioned before is to have a relaxing days and to do as little as possible. So I have a sleep in and crawl out of my pit at about 10am which is quite late for me and I spend the morning just relaxing in the shade in Jorge lovely garden I am reading Burmese Days by George Orwell which I found on the bookshelf as my Kindle had decided it needed a recharge just when I wanted to read it (Technology is great when you have power! Crap when that fails)

Eventually I made my way into town and back to the restaurant I went to last night to retrieve my glasses and I had an omelette for brunch.

Back to the internet café to get my photos and this up to date finally so that took some time but is was nice spending a couple of hours on the computer doing all sorts of catch up on my administration that I have neglected for a while.

I finally pulled myself away from the Internet and everything up to date for the first time in a long time and then I went for long walk along the river getting lost in the process and then back to la Posta with a stop of at a bakery and a ice cream shop for some nourishment.



That evening Jorge was having his Friday night BBQ for all his local biker mates and I was invited to join. A very enjoyable evening even though it was mostly in Spanish. Luckily for me there was a few English speakers who where able to help out when things got difficult for me to follow. Jorge had even put a Union Jack on his flagpole in my honour, which was very brave considering we are in Argentina and the anti Anglo sentiment I have seen with regard to the Malvinas.

BBQ Night at La Poste


So a very late night after an enjoyable evening good food and good company it is times like this that makes me want to fall of the wagon as a drink would not have gone amiss but I am holding out on the not drinking front for a while longer as it been 123 days that I have been dry so that a bloody long time by my standards.

Crawled into my tent at about 2 am ish so it was a late night as well 🙂

as mentioned rabbits everywhere!

Azul to Buenos Aires, Saturday, 16 February 2013,Day 228

Clean me, Get me some new tyres, and some new oil and tell that funny looking bird to stop staring at me!

I crawled out of my tent and I started pulling my stuff together as it starts to spread out when I stay more than one night in one place. It is already quite hot so a slow process but I was not in a hurry as I was only doing a short run of about 300km to Buenos Aires. Jorge had popped out so I was ready to leave and unsure when he was coming back so left without saying goodbye and saying thank you so I will do it here. Jorge great place you run had a very relaxing time I had so I am a bit more refreshed than when I arrived so thanks.

I hit the road and it was hot and again the scenery was not at all very interesting so I put my head down and headed for the capital. Today’s problem was not the wind even though it was still a bit blowy but the roads. This was not only today but the last couple of days the roads here are so worn out that in places the tarmac has two tracks which are very deep where the trucks combined with the heat have melted two deep ruts into the tarmac , so it is a bit like being on a dirt road however the problem is that on dirt road the sides of the ruts are usually quite soft with this its tarmac so it is solid so the first time I hit this I was following a truck and then the bike started moving all over the road as it hit these tarmac berms which I had not noticed as I was behind a truck it took me while to figure out what was wrong and what was forcing the bike to make it handle that way so if I was not careful or if I hit these berms at the wrong angle or place I would be off. So yet another sobering obstacle to impede progress I will have to keep an eye out for these ripples (deep) and once in one be careful on getting Daisy out.

So another dull hot day and I  pulled up at Dakarmotos at around 5pm not realising that there would not be anyone there as they are only open during business hours and closed at the weekends bugger. The nice bloke next door let me use his phone to call Sandra who politely told me to come back on Monday. Bugger I am hot sweaty and tired and I did not fancy going into Buenos Aires to find alternate accommodation so I did some pleading and whining on the phone but this did not work. Bugger so whilst I was cursing and trying to figure out what to do next a Swiss chap called Markus came out of the closed Dakarmotos so I thought I would ask him to call Sandra and as he was there then he could let me in. So he does this and eventually Javier turns up and I am in at Dakarmotos which is a relieve as I said I had no energy for finding another hostel in a new city especially one the size of Buenos Aires. Javier is not to happy as he had received the call from Sandra who had received the call from Markus and he had to shorten his motorcycle ride he was on to let in a hot sweaty biker from Holland who had turned up out of hours on there weekend so my apologies for this and thanks for making this work as Dakarmotos is not a commercial hostel but a workshop that just happens to have a couple of bunk beds for travelling bikers that are passing through Buenos Aires so I appreciate them taking the time to accommodate me and I hopefully I may be putting some business there way.

So I settled in and I  went for a walk looking for some diner I found another fresh pasta place so ravioli for dinner again I do wish I had better culinary skills but fresh pasta is not bad. Back to the workshop via a trip to the supermarket where I think I may have been a partner in crime in a shoplifting crime. I walked in and there was a young teenager who I held the door open for and I followed him in. The first aisle was the booze aisle and he was acting a bit suspiciously and he then grabbed a bottle of booze from the shelf and stuffed it up his shirt and then he ran out of the door. I was a bit shocked but no one else seemed to have noticed or if they had they ignored it. So welcome to the Big City I have been in the outback to long I will have to have my wits about me as Buenos Aires is a tough old city so I can not be to casual with my belongings here.

It is a nice evening back at the workshop chatting to Markus from Switzerland and then beddy byes its still very hot so will have to start getting  used to the heat again.

60,000km 36 degrees hot and only two photos taken todays tells you a bit about my day!

Daisy hit 60,00km today so another happy km day for her I think she deserves some new bits and pieces let’s hope we can get them in Buenos Aires.