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Tafi Del Valle to Cafayate, Wednesday, 27 February 2013, Day 239

So a short day planned today to Cafayate, which is about 120km away the sun, is out and it is clear as bell so it is absolutely stunning compared with yesterday. Good relaxing breakfast slowly packed Daisy and hit then road stopping every 5 minutes to take photographs as it was a beautiful ride so maybe not such a bad idea to come up here after all.

Road from Tafi to Cafayate nice


I got to Cafayate in a couple of hours it was hot so I needed to get out of my bike gear ASAP and I found a nice little hostel of the main square next to a posh hotels who’s car park I could use for Daisy. Off exploring the town which is also very small and compact I head to the tourist info place for a map and ask if there are any walks yes there was up a hill to a shrine so that is the plan so I keep walking up hills to these religious spots its like I am doing some kind of pilgrimage or it is just that the religious folks have nicked all the good spots for crosses and shrines. A lot harder walk this time as its 30 degrees plus and no clouds cover so hot and sweaty but I make it.


View from the hill.

It is in private ground but I am told I am allowed to go in but when I try to get out the gate has been locked save for a small gap which tubby here could not fit through. Oh bugger no one around and I am locked behind this huge fence with sharp objects on top so climbing over not really an option, as I am not as limber as I used to be. I finally get the attention of someone and I am free. I head back to town and see a gym with some guys playing a game similar to squash but the court the size of a basketball court and four guys playing at the same time in teams of two. I sat and watched this for a while still could not figure out the rules but very entertaining it would be interesting to know what it was that they where playing and then back to the hostel.

What they Playing?

I went out again for some dinner and some more exploring and I saw some lions! Seemingly the circus is in town and they still use live animals here and they where driving them around the square on the back of an articulated lorry not very HSE compliant in my view!

I had a pizza from a takeaway joint that had seats on the street then I crossed to the other side of the street for an ice-cream so a very pleasant meal. Back at the hostel there was a BBQ Argentinean style with a huge amount of meat and I was asked if I would like to join them for dinner. I was already stuffed but it would be rude not to so another feed of big chunks of meat and sausages lekker! No one spoke English so another evening with my limited Spanish but very enjoyable another late night.


Peel me a grape!

Love old wrecks!

Cafayate to Salta, Thursday, 28 February 2013, Day 240

Loverly ride and great scenery!

Nice breakfast in the courtyard no hurry another short run this time to Salta and its already very hot. I hit the road and wow what a road it is even better than yesterday if that’s possible the scenery is stunning. It feels like I am driving through the Wild West gorgeous red rocks and canyons and a lovely twisty road following a river cutting through this wonderful landscape.


I am sure its my right of way try telling this lot that!

Arrived in Salta at about 3pm and I found a hotel and asked if they had any safe parking yes they did only problem is that I had to drive through the front door and lobby to access it no problem me as Daisy and I have done this many times before, so it is up the curb up another steep doorstep after removing the panniers to reduce my girth (if only it was that simple for me as well!) a sharp left in front of reception desk then a sharp right watch out for that mirror and Daisy is safe and sound for another night. Chatting to the guy at reception about routes to the Salt flats and he highly recommends the Ruta 40 which is about 150km of ripio (dirt) and I tell him me no gusto ripio (I do not like dirt roads) and he replies quite rightly welcome to South America get used to it which is a great response and he is right I am probably missing loads due to my aversion of dirt roads so I am sort of considering giving the Route 40 another bash.


Today is laundry day and whilst this is being done go for a long walk around Salta taking in all of the sights. Another pleasant city and walk and another great day on the bike makes me think on keeping going but deep down I know its time to call it a day as I know not all days will be like today and I will not have the energy to deal with the bad ones so in my head I have set a date of the second week of April and Philly and Daisy are coming home back to real the world and I need to find a job!

Before all of the serious stuff and after collecting my laundry back to the hotel working on this and then out to the main square for an ice cream and another short walk I am enjoying what is left of my trip 🙂