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Canoas de Punta Sal to Huanchaco, Friday, 28 December 2012, Day 178

Been driving through the desert for days sand gets everywhere I mean everywhere!

Well after yesterday rest day  we were up at 6am ready for a long haul through the desert destination Huanchaco that is 640km away so hence the early start.


Early start mucho km today 🙂

Long day in the saddle and we arrived at 5pm in the evening 2 petrol stops 2 food stops and 2 pee stops but generally moving forwards. The idea for this big run is that it is not that interesting so lets crunch the miles out as quick as possible. It is a totally different landscape than what I have come through so far empty desert, desert with trees, sand dunes, rice and paddy fields, and loads of other agriculture, so not wonderful but interesting enough.

Gunnar and Daisy

Quick pee break.

quick lunch stop

We had address of an allegedly cool hostel but when we arrived they where surely and unhelpful so sod that life is to short for there attitude so we went of to find somewhere else we parked in a street me looking after the bikes and Alex and Andrea going round the places trying to find the best deal. Which is great for me we finally settle on place called Chimu Beach check in and go for a wander along the beach and down the back streets to find somewhere to eat. Please do not tell my mum that I have eaten fish for the last 3 days on the trot because as a kid I never would touch the stuff and I really was not a fan of fish but the stuff we been getting here is excellent and does not really taste like fish so hence me been able to eat it. Tonight I had ceviche, which I have also discovered that I like.

Nice little beach town to end up in at the end of hard day in the saddle

A long hard day no idea what we are doing tomorrow as there is not much of interest until we hit further south as far as we can see so it is onward and forward down south.