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Gracias to Los Naranjos, Thursday, 15 November 2012, Day 135

Staying at a brewery and me a tee totaler luckily they did home made vanilla cream soda 🙂 as well

Woke up ready for a nice hot shower but bugger shower did not work only a dibble of cold water. After a while I realised that there was no electricity so hence the cold shower so I went out to speak to the young lad I haggled with yesterday over the price turns out no electricity in town there is a power cut. I am sure he knew about it but failed to tell me so now a cold shower and no Internet and I wanted to do some research oh well cold showers are good for you brrr.

Not sure why this town had been recommended perhaps it was for the mountains around the place which I could not see because of the clouds or because of the national park nearby so I decided to head into the park to find out. Today was also cool and cloudy and threatening to rain and when I turned on to the road to the park this was a dirt road and I thought if it rains this is going to turn to mud and slush very quickly and the mountains where under a cloud so I decided against going any further turned round and started making tracks for a brewery that both Chris and Geraldo had recommended that had rooms available as well.

It was a strange day for the first hour the road was a terrible potholes everywhere so spent all morning avoiding them. It was a bit like a computer game trying to find a way through them this was not so bad when it was dry but again it began to drizzle so swerving and changing line quickly not advisable as the roads very greasy. Then there was an excellent bit of tarmac with less potholes and it was dry again whizzing along enjoying my self when I noticed up the road over a brow of hill a dirt track so I slowed down which was fortunate as this dirt track was the road so from excellent tarmac to dirt road in a split second. You have to keep your wits about you travelling through here. So a dirt road for the next 15km with different levels of difficulty that kept me focussed. I had not had breakfast as I was still stuffed from the huge Chinese I had last night and it was nearly lunch time so when I finally made it to La Esperanza I was ready for lunch and just on the outskirts of town I found a nice little café that did Crepes excellent just what I fancied.

Sometimes what you wish for arrives just when you want cool little cafe after a stint of off roading

So a relaxing lunch after my motocross excursion and then back on the road to the Brewery. It was cold and wetter in the afternoon greasy roads and at some stages zero visibility as I was driving through the clouds sometimes. I thought it would be hot and sweaty here but its been cool and wet for the last 3 days I am not sure what I prefer but I would like to be able to see more of the country but most of it seems to be covered by clouds. It took me while to find the place but I did and it is very nice it is to debating on whether or not to stay another night, as it is cheap and the surrounding area looks pretty interesting. I will decide in the morning.

On this trip I have not come across many long distance motorcyclist tonight there are 3 others staying at this place so just like buses see none for ages and 3 turn up at the same time and 2 of them are going on the same boat as me to Colombia.

I spent the evening trying to pick the brains of the 3 motorcyclist but we were all pretty cream crackered and sometimes the more you find out the more you wish you did not know sometimes ignorance is bliss and lets say after last night conversation I am reviewing the situation but ain’t I always doing that so no real change there 🙂