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Rio Cuarto to Cordoba, Saturday, 23 February 2013, Day 235

Are those hills in the distance?

Another long day in the saddle and it was about 50km before I saw the hills but unfortunately the road did not go into the hills but ran along side them for a long time teasing and tempting me to dive down the first dead end or dirt track roads just to get me of the straight boring roads. It was a bit of eye candy at least.

Do like the old Fiat 600 fancy an old 500 as well 🙂

At a certain point the road did dip into the hills, which was a nice change, then it was over a mountain pass and through the hills and into Cordoba, which was even better so climbing, and twisty roads yes bring it on.

Back in the hills again yep 🙂

My new tyres should be bedded in by now but as they are wider than what I have been using for the last 11,0000 km and they feel a bit different so I need to get my confidents up on the new rubber. The roads are also a bit challenging so that is pot holes right on the apex of a bend awkward bumps at the breaking points and random dirt and sand strewn over the road just as you are dipping it into a corner normally on blind bends so I had to be really on my game today. Just to add to the complexity or the technicality of the ride our friend the wind decided it wanted a peace of the action too so it was also quite strong adding another dynamic whilst cornering so I earned my money today dealing with all these elements and keeping Daisy upright and on the black stuff. There where a lot of bikers out as I guess this is the local bikers playground for Cordoba and they where whizzing up and down one unfortunate fellow came a cropper right in front of me and Daisy coming down a steep hill with quite a simple corner heading towards us he suddenly lost the front end and hits the dirt on the side of the road and he then went flying off the road. I pulled up and stopped as soon as possible trying to find a safe spot at the side of the road as this was a steep narrow road so this was difficult and then I ran back down the road to help the stricken rider warning oncoming traffic to slow down so not to add to the carnage. Others had stopped to help as well so we soon had his bike upright he was not hurt only a sore shoulder from what I could understand and the bike fairing and clocks where ripped off. Oh yes and he was only wearing a T-shirt! I tried to get the folks to move the bike to a safer spot as we where in a very vulnerable place and trying to get the traffic under control which was still flying past at a rate of knots but unfortunately my Spanish not quite up to the job of managing an accident scene but I did try. The chap seems okay and insist he can ride the bike so bits that had fallen off are given to a passing car the bike starts and he is of and he moves the bike over to the other side of the road as I suggested and I head back to Daisy who is parked further up the road also not in the best spot and I resume the ride to Cordoba my pace is a bit slower after what we had just witnessed the roads look quite reasonable but are quite treacherous and I think he hit a bump as he was coming into the corner throwing him off line and into the side of the road and I was not going to be caught out like that so caution is the order of the day for the rest of the ride.

Caution is the new order of the day!

As I hit the motorway into Cordoba matey boy comes past me reasonably fast his T-Shirt flapping in the wind heading back to town to lick his wounds both physically and financially.

Its hot again 30 degrees plus and I have done a lot of km today last ones quite hard work so needed to find somewhere to stay so I stop and put 2 hostels from Lonely Planet into my GPS and I head for the first one which does not have any parking facilities for Daisy and either does the second one but there is a private car park opposite where I can park Daisy but it will cost me but I am to hot and tired to be that bothered about this so settle in after a trip to the Supermarket as Philly is cooking to offset Daisy Parking Cost no not really  it is just that I did not fancy eating out again.

This is one of those trendy hostels that think that atmosphere is to have loud music blaring all the time this went on into the small hours but fortunately for me I am deaf and I was knackered so it did not bother me to much other than that a nice enough place. Tomorrow is a rest day and I plan to discover Cordoba as promised there is no need to keep on rushing as I can stay a bit longer and I need to relax the pace a bit as I have been doing some big mileage /hours days on the bike for the last 2 days.

Cordoba, Sunday, 24 February 2013, Day 236

Cordoba Cathedral nice

It’s Sunday so I have a bit of a lie in free breakfast till 10am so I get up just in time for this and have a leisurely breakfast and work on my Computer.

I am busy at the moment in updating the first part of my trip of the US and Canada as this was all done on I Web application and then  I only had one photo per entry and the pick of the crop of my photos where on a separate page so I am busy updating the first 100 days with additional photos in wordpress.com. This is for two reasons one is that I want the Blog to be consistent and as interesting as possible and as the narrative sometimes sucks so I am adding piccies to cover this shortcoming. The other reason is that I am an attention grabbing slut and I am not getting enough feedback and or response to the blog that I would like so have decided that I am putting a version of this on Adventure Rider Ride the World site or www.advrider.com on ride reports so extra pictures are needed as all folks do there is look at the pictures first and narrative second and I can increase my audience base and finally get the praise and kudos and be told that I am awesome that my trip is the coolest and that is what this attention grabbing slut craves  🙂

Been meaning to this forever but never had the time but now on my more relaxed pace I have the time to do this.

I finally went for a walk around town its Sunday so very quite but I prefer it this way so a pleasant long walk taking in the sights trying to keep out of the sun as it was another scorcher.


Been holding this bloody thing up forever when is someone going to fix it !



Back to the computer working on the project above it is a brain dead activity but I am enjoying myself and then later out again to a food court I had found that was open on my earlier trip out for a huge Lomito sandwich. More walking around it was livelier than earlier as more folks on the streets I walked for quite a while just soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying Cordoba.

Its a Puma Built in Cordoba and I like it would look great in my living room!

Finally back to the Hostel again working on the same project till there was a power cut in town and it was late so time for bed. The good thing about the power cut was that it shut the loud music off so no problem getting to sleep tonight either as room was right next to patio where the music was being played.

Not quite the Bellagio Las Vegas but we liked it 🙂

And for those of you interested here is the link to the Advrider site where I have been busy updating so a nice trip back to the beginning of my trip which seems like a lifetime ago. http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=837163

Cordoba to Tafi Del Valle, Monday, 25 February 2013, Day 237

Salt Flats

Strange day the original plan was to go to go a place called Catamarca and I would be there for about 4pm ish as it was only 400km away. The hills of yesterday where short lived and I was back on the straight flat pampas roads and it was like that most of the way so not much to write home about.

Nice Place to stop to fettle with my chain again which is wearing out mucho rapido!

About 200km into the trip I stopped for some fuel but there was none available as they where topping up the tanks and they will be ready in 45 minutes but there was another station 5km down the road. Whilst all this was happening a Brazilian biker came over for chat about the road and he was adamant that Catamarca was not that interesting and the roads in and out were terrible he invited me in to the café at the petrol station to chat to his two mates who held the same views as he did as well as another local who had joined the dialog and for a while it was as if I did not exist as these 4 guys planned a new itinerary for me and all this in Spanish so even if I was involved in the dialog I could not understand half of what was being said. So they had decided amongst themselves that I was not to go to Catamarca but my new destination was to be Tucuman, which was 400 plus km away. I politely disengaged myself from the discussion and went back to Daisy and on to the other fuel station thanking my new friends for all the info. So a seed had been planted about the roads in and out of Catamarca being bad however not much else around in the direction I was going so Tucuman seemed a reasonable option but I did not fancy another big city and I was looking for small town hence my original choice of Catamarca. The turn of for Catamarca is not for another 100km so I have plenty time to come up with a new plan. The road is flat and boring and scenery wise the only bit of interest was a salt flat where I stopped for a while and mucked around there for a bit before resuming my route North.

Catamarca would mean getting into the mountains sooner however the sound of those 4 guys ringing in my ears I set my GPS not to Tucuman but to a place called Tafi del Valle which I loved the sound of it was 50km further than Tucuman but was a small village in the mountains so that was it decision made it is going to be a long day in the saddle but hopefully it will be worth it.

It was dull and boring until the last 50km when I finally turned into the mountains after been teased by them for while and by this time I was knackered as I already being going hard for hours so a thin difficult mountain road came at the wrong time as I was tired and I was making mistakes silly bugger always pushing to hard when its not really necessary but I was committed to my new plan so I made my way slowly up the mountain enjoying the change of scenery and trying to keep Daisy on the black stuff blind corner after corner up to 2000 meters and I finally made it to the outskirts of town and it was just starting to get dark and then today had one final challenge to throw at me a little diversion as the bridge was out and then there was a small matter of a river crossing. So I pulled up to see how deep it was as it looked pretty deep and when a car went through confirmed my suspicions this is quite a deep river crossing I had been riding for 10+ hours I was knackered and fate has thrown me another hoop for me to jump through bugger not looking forward to this. Then a small motorcycle came through from the other side as well as some blokes on horseback and they both stuck to the far side of the road where it seemed the water was a lot shallower so I had a plan and was across the other side in no time using this route making sure I had enough momentum as I did not fancy getting bogged down in the middle of the river (stream)

It took me a while to find the hostel I was looking for after riding around town for a while seemingly it had just moved down by the river crossing so had already driven passed it. Excellent little hostel and the price included dinner that evening so I scored there, as I had no energy to go into the village. I was that tired that I dropped Daisy whilst unpacking her. I had parked her badly so she was pretty vertical on the side stand and when I took the side pannier over she went. Of course I tried to catch her as she went down but she is a pretty big girl and there was no way I could hold her up as I felt my muscles go ping ping one by one so I just let her go.

Home for the night

I did not have the strength or energy to pick her up myself so called for help from a Canadian chap who was inside so the two of us got Daisy vertical again and parked her properly. Time to chill out as I am totally gaga dinner with a Canadian New Zealand couple, two Danish lads, an Argentinian lad and lass, and the ladies from the hostel and I cannot remember a single name god I am crap with names its embarrassing. Gnocchi, which was excellent and before I knew it was another late night after chatting to the folks very pleasant but time for bed for this tired little bear. I am staying another day here as I knocked out enough miles today to deserve a rest day.