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Getting the Bike Across the Atlantic, Wednesday, 23 May 2012, Day 0

The Boat Across the Atlantic

A short ride from Den Haag in the Netherlands to Zeebrugge in Belgium, to put my bike on MV Grand Mercury to be delivered to Halifax Nova Scotia estimated time of arrival 4th June 2012.


Nice trip down to Zeebrugge

WW Office Zeebrugge

No problem in getting my bike delivered at Wallenius Wilhelmsen Office I even managed to leave my helmet , boots and leathers with the bike which was good as this mean less for me to carry on the plane as I was seriously struggling for space there as well.

Den Haag Toronto Halifax, Tuesday, 5 June 2012, Day 1

Starting Mileage in KM

Mandatory picture of odometer starting mileage or is that kmleage

A very long day I got up at 4.30am  and I got a taxi to Den Haag Central Station to catch the train to the Schiphol. On the train I had a panic attack as I was not sure if I had swiped my OV card so I jumped of the train at Leiden before the inspectors came through and I walked down to the entrance hall to swipe my OV card only to realise I had already done this in the Hague so the panic attack was for nothing so I slepped back to the platform to the train I just got of as it was still there and I got back on it. I received some weird looks from folks on the train at my antics as I was lugging two huge bags and a rucksack weighing in total about 25 KG.

I got the plane to Toronto no problem only a bit of a challenge on the amount of luggage I had with me  but as I had sorted this already on the phone so I knew it should and was not an issue.

9 hour flight to Toronto with AirTransit a charter company so a no frills and no leg room airline but being a dwarf no real problem for me and it was cheap as chips and they let me buy a one way ticket which normally costs a small fortune on the major airlines.

I arrived at 11.30am Canadian time in Toronto and my next plane was not till 17.30pm so after clearing customs which was easy as it was a fellow biker customs officer the first job was to see if I could get an earlier flight which was also easy and after convincing them that my extra bag was hunting equipment they waived the extra luggage allowance charge on that which was great 🙂

I got to Halifax airport at about 7pm in the evening and I found it was miles away from town and that the taxis were very expensive but I managed to found a local bus that would take me to Dartmouth and I got another bus from there to the motel were I was staying out saving me a small fortune. I am going to use the buses tomorrow as well when I go and pick my bike up.

Checked in to Lake City Motel and went to grab something to eat before crashing as I had been up 24 hrs. And I was starting to feel a little bit tired!


Halifax Nova Scotia Picking up the bike, Wednesday, 6 June 2012, Day 2

Amusing T Shirt

Just in case you were worried about me getting kidnapped well check out the photo above I have made it more difficult for potential kidnappers !

Today was glorified treasure hunt with the end result being my motorcycle and me reunited. I got a bus into Halifax trying to find a Post Office to get a money order as that is the only form of payment that Wallenius Wilhelmsen would accept.  The nice lady behind the counter and me had some fun trying to get this accomplished what with all of the weird spellings and not enough space on the forms. Job 1 done. Next of to find the Wallenius Wilhelmsen office via Tim Horton’s (More on Tim Horton’s later) for breakfast. I find the building and its huge next to find the correct office suite which took a while as the building was actually 3 separate buildings and finding the right elevator shaft for the office I wanted was proving difficult (Jet lag)

I finally found the right lift but then had to swap to another as it did not go to the floor I wanted. I handed the nice lady the money order and the notice of arrival (technical term me now an expert on the import and export of goods) and she gave me the instructions on how to get to the customs office which was another 15 min walk away.

Job 3 customs no problem there as I had no drugs and firearms on the bike according to me so they stamped the papers so job 4 was to get Auto port which was a 25 minute taxi ride away. Not for me as I had got a map of the public transport system of Halifax so instead I got a ferry from Halifax to Dartmouth and then on number 60 bus which stopped just outside where I wanted to be and only cost a couple bucks to get there rather than an expensive taxi ride.

Me on a ferry

It took about 15 minutes while they went to pick up my bike and after checking it was all there and nothing was broken or missing I had won the treasure hunt and I had successfully brought my motorcycle from the Netherlands to Canada and was on my way 🙂


Dartmouth Artie!

Picking up the bike

I spent the rest of the day doodling around Halifax getting used to driving in Canada and I also visited a graveyard where they had buried some of the bodies that they could find from the Titanic disaster this was a very interesting place.

Titanic Graveyard


Funny looking Birds here

Halifax to Clyde River, Thursday, 7 June 2012, Day 3

First night under canvas

First day on the bike I am taking the Lighthouse route from Halifax to Yarmouth only to find out that it is no longer called the Lighthouse Route but South Shore Route.  I spent hours on Garmin Base Camp trying to get the route onto my GPS but I failed miserably so I did it manually on the GPS itself but this slow going so I will need to brush up on my GPS skills or I am going to miss out on a lot or get seriously lost.

Peggy Cove

A most pleasant day in the saddle, zooming along the coast of Nova Scotia. First mechanical calamity I noticed that the GPS was a bit wobbly looks like it had lost a screw. It was late in the day so a mad rush trying to find a hardware store which sounds simple but not when you are in the middle of nowhere and its about an hour or so ride between each village if you can even call them that. I eventually find a hardware shop in Shelbourne, which was just closing who were able to help me in getting the right screw I also brought some Loctite to ensure that I did not end up loosing another screw. It is a crap design of the holder it has the full weight of the GPS hanging on it and it bounces all over the place it is no wonder the screw had worked loose. So I finger tightened the two screws and I headed for the nearest campsite which turned out to be closed and did not open till next week! So I spent about 30 minutes repairing the GPS properly at the side of the road and then headed to another campsite that someone had mentioned that was about 40 km away.

I finally found it Clyde River Farm and I met John the owner who had to laugh when I asked if there was anywhere local to get something to eat Yes was the response back to where I just come from! He was kind enough to invite me to dinner at his home a Burger and blueberry muffins mmmm lekker I must have looked bedraggled as he also set up a camp fire for me by my campsite and I spent a pleasant evening with John and his wife Maureen and 3 other friends of theirs who had pop by for coffee and did I mention we had Muffins as well at the house.

First night camping got off to great start with the help of John Ta Mate. Early night looks like this going to be the norm for a while.