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Cali, Wednesday, 19 December 2012, Day 169

Xmas cancelled santa slips on ice on holiday in Cali


A good night sleep only two of us in an eight-bed dorm I went across to the Motolumbia shop but there was no one there but the mechanic eventually turned up about 30 minutes later a young chap called Francisco (I think :-() he spoke no English so we figured out what we needed doing with my bad Spanish and my Spanish workbook manual and that was it Daisy was going to get an oil change no new filter as there is a special tool needed for that but I only need to change the oil filter every other oil change. He was also going to give her a once over to check if anything seriously wrong. She will be ready at 1pm. Efficient and I liked the guy so I was happy to leave Daisy in his capable hands and then off to find some breakfast.

Daisy getting TLC from Francisco

The name of the place I had breakfast was called “Kuty” which made me giggle as that is quite a rude word in Dutch. So a relaxing breakfast and I wander down to a mall looking for a map a new earing as I had ripped one of mine out playing volleyball it had got caught in the volleyball net on the Stahlratte trip. I treated myself to a Mcflurry ice-cream as me bum was sort of behaving and generally just doodled about till 1pm


I went back and he was just finishing up and he had changed the oil, lubed the chain and the cables cleaned the air filter, touched up some paintwork, charged the battery, and lots of other little things. How did I know he done all of this well he had photographic evidence to show me. Very impressed by the professionalism and to top it all it cost me for the labour was only 20 EUR plus consumables. So Daisy ready for the next thousands of km except I will have to start sourcing new tyres soon.

So the rest of the day I wandered around town which was nothing special and then back to warm up my Chinese leftovers and playing catch up with this as well as chatting to some folks staying at the hostel back on the road again tomorrow destination Pasto

Cali Sculptures which ones are real