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Laguna to Urubici, Tuesday, 26 March 2013, Day 266

Nice run through the escarpment.

I am heading inland today and I am heading in the direction of Lages on the Ruta138 Serra do Rio do Rastro. Jake in Sao Paulo told me about this road and I had read about it on some others folk’s blogs so I was looking forward to an interesting run. So a slow breakfast quick ride along the coast and then a right turn heading for the hills. Its been a while since my GPS and Mr Garmin sent me into the unknown today it decided that Phillys needed to do some dirt roads even though we have had this discussion on numerous occasion that Phillys and Daisy prefer tarmac and has disabled off roads in his choices menu and yet I still keep finding myself in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road and today was no different. A good day in the saddle even with the addition of the odd off road excursions lovely countryside and a run on a gorgeous road through and up and over the escarpment that runs along the coast of Brazil.

I stopped and tried to get some information about Lages at a tourist info place but my Portuguese is non existent and the lady there only spoke Portuguese so with my bad Spanish I managed to get a new destination of Urubici as it got a thumbs up from the lady which I took as a sign that it may be nice. I rolled into Urubici at about 3pm looking for somewhere to stay but all the places I had a look at were very expensive. One I thought had potential and I thought the guy said 30 Real’s which was around my budget he spoke Portuguese only with a speech impediment making the dialog a tad difficult! It turned out it was 300 Real’s not 30 Real’s you are taking the piss mate it’s a Pousada not the bleeding Hilton. Obrigado mate and ciao. I found a nice Pousada, which was within my budget just as it was starting to chuck it down. It rained for a while so I worked on this and the sun came out again so I went for a walk trying to find something nice for my dinner.

I walked for miles again and I found an Italian restaurant just as I was going to resort back to the standard fare so a nice Spaghetti tonight which is just what the doctor ordered. Back to the Pousada chatting to the owner who gives me some top tips and pointers for my route back to the coast tomorrow and I had found another route on Advrider and he added some extras to it and showed me some pictures of this so I am really looking forward to tomorrows ride.

Wild life not so wild!