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Los Naranjos, Friday, 16 November 2012, Day 136

Birdie with same colour palette as me 🙂

I woke up snug as bug as I actually had a blanket and a tee shirt on as it was nippy here and it sounded like it was raining outside so I rolled over and went back to sleep decision made I am staying another night. I eventually got up and had a leisurely breakfast and I finally went for a walk to Los Naranjos Eco-Archaeological Park which took a couple of hours a pleasant walk through the jungle to the lake where there was a long raised boardwalk along the lake. Loads of birds and stunning scenery and it was dull and overcast and sort of drizzling so not to hot. The surrounding mountains covered by clouds so I am not getting the full vista. I am in two minds on whether the weather is bothering me as I am not a big fan on full on sun and heat but I would like to see a bit more than just the glorious glimpses I have been getting to see whilst in Honduras but it is pleasant riding in this weather when its dry dam right scary when wet!

Los Naranjos Eco-Archaeological Park nice walk on the boardwalk


I got back to the brewery at about 3pm and I treated myself to a piece of chocolate cake and a vanilla cream soda mmm lekker. The place is a brewery that I am staying at http://www.ddbrewery.com but as I am still on the wagon I have not tried any of the beer but no problem as they also make there own soft drinks, so orangeade, coke, vanilla cream soda and Root Beer. My favourites cream soda and the Root Beer and the food is not bad either.

Whilst enjoying my afternoon tea a Canadian Girl Jill arrived and was going for a walk to Finca Paradise Coffee Plantation just up the road and I still had some miles in me so I decided to join her, as did another young American lad. Another great walk but extremely muddy and slippery we picked up a guide a young Honduran school lad who offered to show us around as a guide we politely declined his offer but he was bored so joined us anyhow running ahead pointing things out. Excellent practise for my Spanish and another good walk.

Guide and victim to practice my bad spanish with 🙂

Got back to the brewery just as it was getting dark and went back to my room to look for some good reading matter for my kindle for the coming months and I ended up downloading 29 books all old classics so it cost nothing so I have plenty choices now but if anyone has any good book suggestions let me know and yes I maybe willing to pay Amazon if they look good. I am nearly through the Hunger Games Trilogy then I think I will go swashbuckling with Alexander Dumas and the musketeers.

I had dinner with a group of folks staying at the Brewery and then a reasonably early night updating this well sort of and an evening reading my Kindle.

Nice relaxing day with a lot of walking very pleasant 🙂