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Chicago, Wednesday, 22 August 2012, Day 79

Chicago River

I am glad I decided to stay an extra day in Chicago as I really enjoyed yesterday and was looking forward to doing it all again today. First thing I did was go to the Zoo why because it was free.  Normally I am not a big fan of zoos as I believe animals should be in the wild not in cages but I do like seeing animals so zoo does make sense at a certain level but I still have mixed emotions on this especially after I saw one of the lions there pacing his area he was walking around a log and just kept on doing this and was still doing this later when I went past so I am sure that not a good sign when animals are pacing like that surely it is a sign of madness and stir craziness  creeping in and this was one of the reason I do not like going to zoos when you see unnatural  behaviour like this.

True to my word after the zoo I hopped on a bus to minimise the walking today and then on to the L train L for elevated and went round the loop a couple of times taking pictures. This was after waiting for ages for a purple line train to come eventually I  just got on the first train coming through and later I found out that the purple train only runs in the rush hour.


So spent all day wandering the town on a mix of train’s buses and walking.


I went to China Town for a late lunch early supper and I walked the golden mile and eventually got back to the hostel at about 6pm ish short rest and then back into town to the John Hancock Building again as I had been there yesterday and it was fantastic and you could buy another ticket cheaply if you brought it whilst you where there the first time so this time I was going to watch the sunset.  After the sunset at about 8.45pm I was just about to get in the lift and leave when the attendant mentioned that on Wednesday night there was a firework display at 9.30pm from Navy Pier so a quick U-turn and I grabbed a seat and waited for the display to start whilst waiting I got chatting a nice German lady who had just qualified as a Doctor. Watching the fireworks from a skyscraper was weird as normally you are looking up at the display going ooh and aah but now I was looking down on it with no sounds as I was indoors excellent if not a bit strange!

Afterwards back to the hostel which was a bit lively, quite a young crowd in all trying to out cool each other which is amusing to watch bad thing was there where a couple of guitars there as well and there is always some sad git who thinks they can play a bit murdering all your favourite or not so favourite songs I do wish they would shut the f**k up as I have no desire to hear some talentless git play the guitar and sing tonelessly along with it. I do that myself in the shower where it bothers no one mini rant over guess I am no longer young and or cool.