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Rio de Janeiro to Trindade, Friday, 15 March 2013, Day 255

Nice Spot on the way to Trindade

I am not in a hurry to hit the road, as I am not planning on going that far today only to a place called Paraty. Whilst having my breakfast I was chatting to a German/ Greek guy called Michael who tells me about a really nice hostel in a smaller less touristy village a bit further down the coast so I have a new destination that being the Kaissara Hostel Trindade.

I was going to follow the coast all the way down and I was expecting a gorgeous ride but for the first part it was not so interesting but it got slightly better as the day went on.


I stopped at a Nuclear Power Station on the way down which had an info center but unfortunately all in Portuguese and as yet I have not got a clue about the Portuguese language I am still trying to get my head around Spanish. However I do like the language as it makes me giggle as to say hello is oi! And the way the pronounce things is very amusing and very child like from my perspective so even though I do not understand 99% of it I do like listening to it been spoken.

They where painting the roof of the power station I do hope the rest of the maintenance was up to spec and a bit more safer than how they where doing the roof! as It looks like they missed a bit!

painting a nuclear power plant maybe that may be my next job!


A very pleasant run into Paraty, the GPS as usual is throwing a strop and sending me into the bushes and the jungle on non-existent roads so I am ignoring it as its well signposted here. Tight thin wiggly road to Trinidad but the views are spectacular down to the beaches then all of a sudden the road stops. I pull up behind a car that has also stopped and we look at each and ask what happened to the road?  there is a stream flowing over some rocks and huge boulder ahead so no way forward then another car appears from the right coming through the water and that is  when we both noticed the road is there to the right so just a minor stream crossing to negotiate.

My destination for today looks alright!

I found the hostel set in a rain forest at the end of a dirt track lovely little place I could spend some time here but as usual I had sort arranged to meet Alex and Andrea in Sao Paulo on Sunday as they where flying home on Monday but I still had a couple of nights here.

Kaissara Hostel Nice 🙂

I went for a walk and paddle along the beach and then back to the Hostel as George the owner was cooking and then I spent a pleasant evening on the veranda where there was a German guy Tom and an English girl Lucy playing the guitar and singing. Usually this kind of stuff is Phillys worst nightmare as I cringe whenever I see a guitar in a hostel as normally there is some talentless git crucifying your favourite songs trying to be as cool as hell and normally failing miserably. However these two could play and sing a bit as well so it was a very pleasant entertaining and relaxing evening. Hostel not so crowded so a very pleasant vibe just chilling.