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Trindade to Sao Paulo, Sunday, 17 March 2013,Day 257

No photos at all taken today due to extreme wet weather conditions so a random shot from yesterday!

Today I had arranged to meet Andrea and Alex in Sao Paulo and they where staying with an American Chap called Jake who they had found via ADV Riders Tent Space and I had also dropped him a line a couple of days of ago asking could I also stay at the same time and the response was sure so I had a destination back to Sao Paulo the only problem was it was pissing down with rain but I guess this is to be expected when you are staying in a rain forest. So I packed Daisy in the rain said Tata to everyone I was a bit sad to be leaving as I could have easily stayed a couple more days in this great little place but you know me onward and forward it is unlikely that I will double back but I highly recommended the Kaissara Hostel in Trindade unless you are an arse then your are not welcome 🙂

It was further and longer than I thought to Sao Paulo you probably thinking its Phillys planning and map reading gone wrong again but today I will blame the weather it never stopped raining all day and I mean raining the proper hard wet stuff I was soaking wet all day.I had to negotiate some seriously tricky roads steep winding roads with cars crawling up the hills on roads that where more like rivers than roads it would be just about ok if no traffic but a huge amount of slow stop start traffic on very steep inclines with little to no grip so Daisy clutch was given a serious workout today I am trying not to stop as when you did you had to try a cover the back brake as the front had no weight or grip on it so it would lock and then start sliding backwards and I am not very good at going backwards some say not very good in going forward either 🙂  (ABS is no good in these conditions either)

But as Daisy is fully loaded and is pretty heavy so holding her up on one leg whilst sliding backwards and trying to cover the back brake as well is very difficult so there was a lot of cursing going on in Phillys Nolan Helmet today.

Then I hit all the tolls road into Sao Paulo so I had to stop and take my sopping wet gloves of pull out my soggy wet wallet to pay the toll a slow wet and unnecessary exercise in my view but I do not have much choice.

I was a wet soggy mess when I reached Jakes flat in the Sao Paulo after getting lost on Sao Paulo’s spaghetti junctions more than once.

A quick shower and I was sort of human again and had an excellent evening with Jake and his wife Andrea and A & A and little Olivia there 2 year old daughter keeping us all entertained. A Brazilian BBQ the meat it just kept on coming all night, which was fantastic for this hungry carnivore. So a tough wet day today but it finished with excellent company and the perfect hosts so a big thank you to Jake, Andrea and Olivia for being so hospitable to this wet weary traveller it is most appreciated.


Views from Jakes flat only took 2 piccies today due to bad weather

So after the perfect evening after a wet day in the saddle there’s was only one casualty that being Phillys Passport I had it in its usual place in my Rukka jacket pocket but I guess today there was just to much water as it was a soggy mess a lot of the Visas are ruined I think the Brazilian one is just about legible fortunately but lots of the others are ruined so this could be a problem further down the road. Last time I ruined a passport like this I could not leave the country for 2 months until I got a new one this and this was in Hong Kong in 96 just before the handover so I am hoping it will not be the same issue here!