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Bana Salido to La Serena, Wednesday, 16 January 2013, Day 197

Breakfast view very pleasant 🙂

As usual slept well in the tent and woke up at 9am ish which is late for me but a good nights sleep. Remember yesterday I said I was sort of friends with the dogs well this morning it looked like they had been visiting as Daisy had a wet patch on both her front and back tyre so the dogs had been marking there territory whilst I was having a lie in sorry about that Daisy first being dropped and now being pissed on not the way you wanted to spend your 50k km milestone oh well.

packed up Daisy is fine after yesterdays dumping

I packed the bike and then as I pulled out dogs go wild again little bastards, I am getting tired of being barked and chased by dogs and its getting seriously old. The other day I was at a set of traffic lights for a zebra crossing for a shopping street and 2 large dogs come straight at me jumping up on the front of the bike they normal come at your sides and run a long side trying to nip at your legs but this was new to me and was not sure what to do huge audience as well so just nailed it and got the hell out of there bugger the dogs. I was back there as a pedestrian a couple of hours later and they where chasing everything that stopped not just bikes they must do that all day!

back on Salt Roads

So I waved goodbye to my fisherman family over the noise of the dogs and took a harder as in compound road than the one I came in on as I did not want to end up on my arse again.A lovely ride again but I was in the need of some nourishment when I came across a beautiful bay called Carrizal Bajo and there overlooking this bay was a nice little restaurant a perfect place for breakfast I am a jammy bastard sometimes.

To keep folks in church they are now knocking the wheels of all vehicles that arrive

Long leisurely breakfast chatting to some locals about how this town used to be British and it was the way they got the silver from the mines out later I was chatting to the owner and his grand daughter who was asking me about veterinary schools in the UK as she wanted to study there all this in broken Spanish 🙂

Finally I pulled myself from this gorgeous place and I hit the road to La Serena finished of the salt road and then back to route 5 and to a hostel I had the name of in La Serena. Yes they had a bed or a bunk bed I could pay for the full room but she the German owner was pretty dam certain they could rent the other bed out as it was still early and I would only have to pay half the room. So after trying to do a deal and spread the risk I decided to go for it bloody expensive if no one shows up reasonable if someone does but she was pretty confident the bed would go and I trusted her judgement. You can tell by the last statement I got screwed no one turned up and I had the most expensive no bathroom bunk bed room of the trip, bitch but I guess it is my fault for taking all the risk she was quid’s in either way I do hate being done over.

I had a shower and then went for a walk round town watched an amusing puppet show in the park and then went for a Chinese restaurant which was empty except for a surly Chinese adolescent working there I felt like walking out at one stage as his attitude sucked so much but I fancied some Chinese noodles so I just cussed him every time he left and ignored me.

He is behind you in Spanish of Course

Pleasant enough town nothing special and I had soon exhausted all I wanted to see so back to the hostel to work on this and my photographs. The German lady owner kept saying someone would be coming not sure now if she was taking the piss. Beddy byes in my expensive bunk bed