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Huanchaco to Barranca, Saturday, 29 December 2012, Day 179

Famous Huanchaco reed boats

Today I got an E-mail from Johan Holtorf from Garmin-winkel.nl and they are refunding me my money for South America SD card that I purchased from them which was a complete duffer and out of date. They do not even want the old one back so my compliments to this shop for the excellent customer after service as I was not expecting anything so this is a nice result and when good things like this happen it should also be reported just as much as the bad for balance. Its a pity I got the duff old card in the first place however the good thing is they have rectified the situation so hats of to them for that 🙂 And the maps I have now seem to be working except they keep sending me down one way streets in the wrong direction but that I can live with.

Well I was just congratulating myself that the GPS was working when it throws another wobbly and we get us lost in Trujillio it keeps wanting us to do a U turn and go back 28km and will not offer anything else so we are back to asking directions stroppy little bastard of a machine.

Funny looking birds on the beach here!

We left Huanchaco after chatting with the 3 blokes who ran the hostel and a quick run along the beach to get some shots of the reed boats that the place is famous for and then we hit the road and this was going to be a short run after yesterdays marathon session  but you guessed it it turned into another rather long day. Through desert all day but this time hilly/mountainous so pleasant enough ride being continually sand blasted I have sand in place where the sun does not shine so it gets in everywhere. We kept on going when Alex signals he needs fuel and I was thinking the same thing and we had seen loads of petrol stations up until then and just when you need one they all disappear so our speed reduced drastically to try reduce fuel consumption and we finally find a station. I have no idea why I always find myself in this position as it is so easy to avoid my new mantra I must fill up more often so that I am not putting myself at risk of running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. Funny thing is that there were two of us who made the same rooky mistake Homer Simpson Doh!


It was now later than planned so next exercise find somewhere to stay so with Alex and Andrea trying all the different hotels, hostels, etc.  And me looking after the bikes we ended up three of us in one room for a good price.

We went for a wander and some dinner I still have no idea what we are going to do for News Years Eve yet but that something that can be sorted  for tomorrow.

That elusive Romanian Cake Thief last spotted in Downtown Barranca