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Buenos Aires to Rio Cuarto, Friday, 22 February 2013, Day 234

Rio Cuarto

So which way is he going well I was going to go to Montevideo in Uraguay but a total change of plans and the new plan on the page is first to Cordoba via Rio Cuarto I am desperate to get out of the pampas and away from the wind and back into the hills and or mountains. Then to Salta and maybe into Bolivia for a quick visit to the Salt flats at Uyuni and then a right turn and drag across Paraguay via the Iguazu falls up to Rio de Janeiro and then a run down the coast to Montevideo and back to Buenos Aires to ship the bike back home. So that’s about 10,000km round trip roughly taking into account Phillys navigations skills and that fact that he is easily distracted I have given myself about a month and half for this so it should all be doable!

Daisy is mostly wearing a set of new Metzler Tourances (Cost a bleeding fortune) The dodgy replacement non O ring chain may needed to be replaced again but I have fresh oil so she should be able to do the above no problem the question is how is Phillys stamina well we will just have to wait and see on that one.

So today started with the 4th run to the bank as DakarMotos is a cash only establishment and tyres in Argentina do not come cheap and the cash point only giving out a grand out at a time/day.

Next was free petrol from Markus as he was shipping his bike back to Switzerland and his tank needed to be emptied as he had just filled it with about 35 litres (big BMW touring tank) as he was going to do some riding around Buenos Aires area but his bike died about 150km out of town and it needed to be trailered back. He knew it was risky as he had already taken it apart and was not really able to fix it but it was now terminal so we had said goodbye to him on Tuesday Morning and hello again on Tuesday night unloading his bike from the truck in the pissing rain. He was going to stop his trip soon this little upset just brought that date a bit closer.

So why the new route well I wanted another fix of the Andes before going home to erase any memories of wind and pampas from my mind but this was going to have wait as I still had about 700km before it got slightly hilly again.

Still flat still windy but least trees block some of the wind and give me something to look at!

Nice enough run flat with the odd hill but greener and more trees than in the pampas and it was nice to be on the road again. Javier had given me the route of a loop into the back of Cordoba and the plan was to take 2 days to get to Rio Cuarto which was 650km away but daisy was biting at the bit so we polished this all of in one day rolled into town at about 6.30pm and I headed straight to the Municipal Campsite, so I am back under canvas again.

Rio Cuarto

Buzzing City Center

I set up camp and then I wandered into town which was buzzing as it was Friday night I had a nice chat with the lady at the tourist office who gave me a local map and I figured out my route through the hills to Cordoba. As yet I have yet to see the hills but I have been assured that they are there just over the horizon I cannot wait. I went for a walk and for some dinner and than I got totally lost on my way back to the campsite. No worries it looks like a reasonable neighbourhood I was lost in but then it got slowly worse or maybe it just felt like that because it was now dark and street lighting non existent. So I kept on walking to what I thought was the direction of the river as if I found that I could follow it back to the campsite but it never seemed to appear and I had not a clue where I was. I did not want to ask anyone directions, as I did not want to alert the neighbourhood that there was a dumb gringo wandering around lost in the wrong part of town. Finally a cop car stopped at the lights near were I was walking so asked them for directions but I promptly got lost again but at least I found the river and after asking at another local shop I found my way back to Daisy and the campsite. Bugger my sense of direction was really of the radar tonight as its normally quite good 🙂 I was getting slightly nervous as I got more and more lost and I had walked for miles its seems.

Settle in with me Kindle, which is my standard routine whilst in the tent still reading Sea Biscuit so that may explain some of the horse racing terminology used in todays blog!

I have decided as yet I have no deadlines boats, or weather related so I can take my time and no more need to rush so I may be treating this last month or so like a holiday spending a bit more cash being more of a tourist I am not sure I am capable of either but I am going to give it a whirl 🙂

Rio Cuarto to Cordoba, Saturday, 23 February 2013, Day 235

Are those hills in the distance?

Another long day in the saddle and it was about 50km before I saw the hills but unfortunately the road did not go into the hills but ran along side them for a long time teasing and tempting me to dive down the first dead end or dirt track roads just to get me of the straight boring roads. It was a bit of eye candy at least.

Do like the old Fiat 600 fancy an old 500 as well 🙂

At a certain point the road did dip into the hills, which was a nice change, then it was over a mountain pass and through the hills and into Cordoba, which was even better so climbing, and twisty roads yes bring it on.

Back in the hills again yep 🙂

My new tyres should be bedded in by now but as they are wider than what I have been using for the last 11,0000 km and they feel a bit different so I need to get my confidents up on the new rubber. The roads are also a bit challenging so that is pot holes right on the apex of a bend awkward bumps at the breaking points and random dirt and sand strewn over the road just as you are dipping it into a corner normally on blind bends so I had to be really on my game today. Just to add to the complexity or the technicality of the ride our friend the wind decided it wanted a peace of the action too so it was also quite strong adding another dynamic whilst cornering so I earned my money today dealing with all these elements and keeping Daisy upright and on the black stuff. There where a lot of bikers out as I guess this is the local bikers playground for Cordoba and they where whizzing up and down one unfortunate fellow came a cropper right in front of me and Daisy coming down a steep hill with quite a simple corner heading towards us he suddenly lost the front end and hits the dirt on the side of the road and he then went flying off the road. I pulled up and stopped as soon as possible trying to find a safe spot at the side of the road as this was a steep narrow road so this was difficult and then I ran back down the road to help the stricken rider warning oncoming traffic to slow down so not to add to the carnage. Others had stopped to help as well so we soon had his bike upright he was not hurt only a sore shoulder from what I could understand and the bike fairing and clocks where ripped off. Oh yes and he was only wearing a T-shirt! I tried to get the folks to move the bike to a safer spot as we where in a very vulnerable place and trying to get the traffic under control which was still flying past at a rate of knots but unfortunately my Spanish not quite up to the job of managing an accident scene but I did try. The chap seems okay and insist he can ride the bike so bits that had fallen off are given to a passing car the bike starts and he is of and he moves the bike over to the other side of the road as I suggested and I head back to Daisy who is parked further up the road also not in the best spot and I resume the ride to Cordoba my pace is a bit slower after what we had just witnessed the roads look quite reasonable but are quite treacherous and I think he hit a bump as he was coming into the corner throwing him off line and into the side of the road and I was not going to be caught out like that so caution is the order of the day for the rest of the ride.

Caution is the new order of the day!

As I hit the motorway into Cordoba matey boy comes past me reasonably fast his T-Shirt flapping in the wind heading back to town to lick his wounds both physically and financially.

Its hot again 30 degrees plus and I have done a lot of km today last ones quite hard work so needed to find somewhere to stay so I stop and put 2 hostels from Lonely Planet into my GPS and I head for the first one which does not have any parking facilities for Daisy and either does the second one but there is a private car park opposite where I can park Daisy but it will cost me but I am to hot and tired to be that bothered about this so settle in after a trip to the Supermarket as Philly is cooking to offset Daisy Parking Cost no not really  it is just that I did not fancy eating out again.

This is one of those trendy hostels that think that atmosphere is to have loud music blaring all the time this went on into the small hours but fortunately for me I am deaf and I was knackered so it did not bother me to much other than that a nice enough place. Tomorrow is a rest day and I plan to discover Cordoba as promised there is no need to keep on rushing as I can stay a bit longer and I need to relax the pace a bit as I have been doing some big mileage /hours days on the bike for the last 2 days.