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Boquete to Chitre, Monday, 3 December 2012, Day 153

Downtown Chitre

I have booked in a hostel in Panama City for tomorrow night but I am planning on taking 2 days to get there. The road between Boquete and David was pretty dull and I was expecting the Pan American to be dull as well with lots of trucks. Well I was wrong very pleasant run very few trucks and interesting enough scenery. So after riding around the hilly parts of Boquete I headed back to the Pan American.

Only problem today was that the place is covered in cops they are everywhere on the road with speed guns in every town and village you past through so have to keep a keen eye out for them and I stick very much to the speed limits. When I hit Chitre there where about 8 cop bikes with 2 cops on each of them all in full military riot gear and the bloke on the back carrying a machine gun so that 16 blokes with guns why I have no idea I am not sure if I should be scared or happy that there so much security around. I hit town quite early trying to find somewhere to stay finally end up in a Chinese Hotel in a cheapish room. I go for a walk around town and then head to McDonalds for me tea. I must confess it the second time today as I stopped at Macs on the way here for a drink and a Mcflurry ice cream.I just fancied some comfort food. I am stuffed so head back to my room and try and get this up to date.