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La Serena to Valparaiso, Thursday, 17 January 2013, Day 198

Off road again supposed to be a salt road but on hills it is like corrugated iron this is quite a smooth bit!

I checked out and asked about splitting the difference on the room but she was having none of it saying she had said that she could not guarantee that someone else would come she was very persuasive and confident yesterday so in short what a bitch and I left with a very bad taste in my mouth I will not get burnt like this again.

Heading for Valparaiso heading inland again on the salt roads as they where pretty good yesterday. Even told a Dutch English couple from Canada that these roads are doable well I would like to retract that statement the one I took today was a lot rougher and on the slopes it was like driving on corrugated iron so quite slow going. Scenery is changing from brown to more green with stubbly bits as I move south with lots of Cactuses. So after heading inland I am back to the coast where it’s much greener and a nice long day in the saddle and I get to Valparaiso quite late. Heading to a place called Villa Kunterbunt a Motorcyclist Hostel I had heard about.

They use Cactuses as fences and occasionally as guard rails so make sure you do not end up in them!

I find it but they are full but they put a mattress on the floor in the office a total contrast from yesterday they where very accommodating and made sure I was ok unlike the attitude I got from that queen bitch in La Serena.

I was planning on going round the corner for dinner but I ended up wandering all over town which is built on hills so quite hard work it is a bit run down but this place has a cool vibe to it which I like even though very rough around the edges in some places. Back to the hostel which is full of bikers, some waiting for there bikes to arrive some just starting there trip those who had finished and where shipping there bikes back so lots of tall stories been exchanged. I will keep this place in mind when it comes to shipping back as the prices seem reasonable which is weird as we are on the Pacific side not the Atlantic side which is closer.

Valparaiso rough old working town with a certain charm 🙂

They arrange import and export of motorcycles here as well.

So a big thumbs up for Enzo and Martine Tesser of villakuntabuntvalpo and the great place that they run 🙂

Night shot!