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Santiago to Pichilemu,Monday, 21 January 2013,Day 202

Phillys is captain of this boat tonight ooh aah me hearties!

No problems with bugs last night which is a relief I had a few moments but I think a lot of the icky moments are in my head not in reality but I am glad to be leaving.

Daisy is getting a good seeing to today oil change new oil filter and air filter and a bit of TLC. They reckon it going to take a good couple of hours so I go for a wander down the street where I bump into Alex trying to source some bits for his bike and some tyres. I look after his bike and kit whilst he goes to each of the many bike shops on Lira looking for the best deal. When he done he comes to the shop where Daisy is being sorted and asks if he can use the workshop to change his oil, oil filter and air filter they say yes no problem as he is buying both these items there so he sets to work on his bike and Daisy is being seen to by the mechanic and I just hang around doing what I do best and that is to look pretty. I could probably do the work on Daisy my self but I choose not to as I rather someone else takes the responsibility who knows what they are doing and they can spot something serious that I may have missed and it if it goes wrong than I have some one else to blame other than me


Alex posing for the cameras

Good fun hanging around workshop watching and occasionally assisting while folks fettle with motorcycles. It about 1pm when Daisy is given the all clear and I am ready to roll Alex is still busy. I want to get out of Santiago one because of the bedbugs and two is that so far it has not really turned me on so I have decided to head to the beach which is about 200km away.

Say Tata to Alex who I will meet down the road as I had lent him the money for his oil filter and air filter as his credit card was playing up and I make my way out of Santiago. Its dull and overcast and scenery not much to write home about but I am glad to be on the move again and Daisy is feeling a bit fresher after the work that has been done.So thanks to Jorge of Promotors in Lira Santiago for squeezing us in at short notice and letting Alex use your workshop facilities cheers mate.

Dakar folk also heading home

As I left late its quite late when I get to Pichilemu and I have an address there but when I get there the prices are a lot higher than what I was expecting so I ask them why and they say oh you are talking about staying on the boat that’s not here but its just down the beach. Me a bit confused but we walk down the beach together and in the distance perched on cliff overlooking the beach is a house shaped like a boat and that is what is going to be my home for the night.

Great Boat Shaped Hostel on the Beach!



This was a folly built years ago as a teahouse to attract tourist to Pichilemu and has been converted into a hostel 3 floors top floor 8 bed dorm window all around with views over the sea and the beach fantastic, Middle floor also great vistas communal area and on the ground floor separate 4 person dorms no windows this is where I would be staying as it was the cheapest option.

The first thing that needed doing was to break down the door that had been shut for years so that we could get the bike into a secure courtyard so Christian (handyman and custodian of boat) set to work with a hacksaw cutting through a rusty padlock so Daisy was safe for the night. Then I found out I am the only person staying here tonight so I have the whole place to myself no staff just me which is cool as well as scary as it perched on a cliff on its own and quite a large old building so could be a few scary moments tonight as I am scary wuzz 🙂


So after I checked in I went for along walk around town looking for a Chinese that had shut years ago just because I fancied a Chinese I ended up having a Pork Sandwich which was also good and got back to my mini palace by the sea at about 8.30pm and as I said earlier I was on my own so spread my stuff out got the music on and I was thoroughly enjoyed having my own space with no one else to bother me. I sat in every chair looked out of every window as the views of the sea where spectacular then it got dark so put every light on and I jumped at every squeak and noise that I heard and there where a lot.

Finally went to bed one downside to staying downstairs was it was damp and there were lots of mossies so from bed bugs to mossies I am not sure what I prefer.

Surfing how difficult can that be then!

Barra da Lagoa, Friday, 22 March 2013 to Sunday, 24 March 2013, Day 262 to Day 264

Thats me on the left 🙂 not

I have spent the last 3 days attempting to surf. How did that go I hear you all ask, well let me tell you I have found something else that I really enjoy but I have absolutely no talent for but I did have a bloody good time trying to get the hang of this. On the first day there were a quite a lot waves and bloody big ones for a beginner so I spent most of the lesson face planting my muggins in the sea so in short I did not get up on the board once. Seemingly this old boy is not as agile as he used to be I have recollection of being reasonably sporty in my youth but seems I have lost that ability as it takes me forever to pick up new things these days. In surfing the trick is to get from lying flat on the board to an upright position in one fluid motion. You are having a laugh are you not the only fluid motion this old boy has had was when he had the trots in Columbia so I need a plan B as Philly cannot do that move so I need to break it into 2 steps which is not ideal hence the continuous face planting.

Next lesson I need another solution to get this old beached whale standing on a surf board so they bring out the whale size surf board that being one that you use for Surf paddling so its the size of a barn door thus making it much more stable and first time I use this I am surfing baby as it is nigh on impossible not to be able surf on one of these he says as he face plants his muggins again on the next wave! So some slight improvement over the 3 days I may be able to progress back to the normal surfboard if I ever do this again but this is a sport you got to spend a considerable amount of time getting the hang off and doing it regularly or living near a place where you can do this regularly which I do not see happening and there are many other sports I am crap at that I want to work on before I add another one to my list but I will definitely have another bash at this as its quite addictive. So thanks to Josue of Josue Surf School for your patients and an enjoyable 3 days surfing.

Josue my surf teacher cheers mate

I surfed for a couple of hours a day leaving the rest of the day just to relax so I did a lot of walking and just chilling out and reading. I had the room to myself for the first couple of nights, which was nice, but I had company on the weekend.

So 4 nights in the same place I have got itchy feet again so moving on again but I did enjoy my couple of days as a beach bum but perpetual motion is Philly preferred state and I was getting tired of people trying to push me back into the sea whilst pouring sea water over me seemingly there is some kind of likeness between me and a beached whale I myself do not see this likeness!

Barra da Lagoa


Cassino to Punta del Diablo, Sunday, 31 March 2013 to Monday, 1 April 2013, Day 271 to Day 272

In Paraguay they had pigs around there national monument so new country Uruguay new monuments this time bulls!

Another good nights kip in the tent I packed up and I am heading to Chui in Brazil or is it Chuy in Uruguay to cross the border into my final new country on this trip. I had found a hostel on the my GPS in a place called Punta del Diablo, (Devils Point) which I like the sound of.

Pleasant enough ride a huge fire in the distance and some interesting wild life around to keep me interested.


I hit the border and there are long queues at immigration and some folks doing some market research on folks experiences and trips whilst in Brazil which helped to kill a bit of time but I was finding it difficult to remember where I had been and even harder to remember how much I had spend and it was embarrassing on telling folk how much I earn especially when compared to local wages here. It made me think what a bloody fortunate chap I am I am not short of a bob or two and I am whizzing around on me bike without a care in the world.

I was a bit confused when I got through to the Brazilian side as I was expecting the Uruguayan customs next but there was a town of Chuy or was it Chui and or had I missed the Uruguayan customs so I was thinking of doing a U turn when I figured out I am still in Brazil and its still some while till the Uruguayan border and for some reason they have put the border post well before the town. So I decided to fill up with Petrol and I got into another ruck with some bloke jumping the queue arrogant tosser who thinks as he in a big car he can jump the queue so I call him on his arrogance and of course he is all apologetic as if he did not realise what he was doing was wrong which pisses me of even more when folks do something wrong and they know dam well they are doing something wrong and they start apologising without really meaning it. No sir I do accept your apologises and you sir are an arrogant fucker who should not be allowed out in polite society. Philly is hot and sweaty and looking for a ruck and I scared the hell out of this poor fella I am not a violent person and I am total pacifist at heart but I look like I could do some damage and I have a gob on me that is quite ruthless if required which can get me both into trouble and out of trouble depending on the situation and this fella needed to be brought down a peg or two.

I need to chill and cool down before hitting the Uruguay part of the border which was a breeze a nice chap doing the formalities so I am back in a better mood in no time and its only a short ride to Punta del Diablo my destination just because I like the sound of the place.

Fun and games as usual with GPS!

My GPS was doing it usual trick of not wanting to cooperate and had been directed me in a huge loop to my destination which I kept ignoring so I was 30km away from were I wanted to be and it was telling me I was 288km away.

I found out why later as the road I was travelling on turned into a runway for airplanes for the military so Mr Garmin did not see this as a road and kept on redirecting me I just followed the road signs!

Before Punta del Diablo there was a nice fort called Santa Theresa where I stopped for a while and for a look at first they tried to charge me to get in then it was free which was confusing but I spent some time here before heading to the hostel in a cool little seaside town which had a really cool vibe to it.

Went for a short walk looking for food and then back to the hostel and I am just chilling there.

Punta del Diablo

As I had loads of time on my hands I had decided to spend another day here and I woke up had my free breakfast weather is dull and overcast so I hung around the hostel for a while in the hammock reading and then I went for a long walk along the gorgeous coastline which was nice. I had a late lunch/early dinner than back to the hostel and just chatting to the folks there.

Kite Surfing on my to do list another sport Philly can be crap at 🙂


There where so many request from my fan base out there for pictures of Philly on a surfboard so here you go.