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Clyde River to Annapolis Royal, Friday, 8 June 2012, Day 4

Huge wooden Church

Uneventful day and a good night sleep under canvas even though it was only 3 degrees centigrade according to John my 30 year old duck down sleeping bag is still going strong unfortunately the zip has gone at the feet area so some maintenance is required to avoid cold feet syndrome. Weather is weird here it started out glorious sun shine so pulled the lining out of my jacket and pulled me summer gloves out but within an hour the sun had gone and it was down to 10 degrees centigrade so cold weather kit back on only for it to change to 21 degrees centigrade a couple of hours later making my wardrobe planning a complete night mare!

Driving along when all of sudden I saw a large church not to impressive as they are all over the place here but what made this special was that it was huge totally dominating the horizon so what it just another church but the amazing thing for me was that it was made of wood which blew my socks of as I have never seen such a tall wooden construction (sad git needs to get out more :-))

Big wooden church!

Did my first off road excursion today as the GPS was set to include dirt roads as these are very rare in Europe but they are all over the place here. I am going have to rethink the off road strategy because basically I am a crap off road rider and just do not have the confidence or the skills to handle anything to serious yet just not relaxed enough as soon as I hit the dirt I automatically stiffen up and I am totally nervous till I hit the tarmac again so maybe my original plan of going over via the trans Labrador highway is not going to happen as this is about 500km off road which could ruin my underwear planning (another wardrobe issue)

Big River

It is 21.30pm and its just getting dark and I am sitting outside my tent typing this probably going to be another early night as not much going on here and it is getting cold fast.

Annapolis Royal