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Trindade to Sao Paulo, Sunday, 17 March 2013,Day 257

No photos at all taken today due to extreme wet weather conditions so a random shot from yesterday!

Today I had arranged to meet Andrea and Alex in Sao Paulo and they where staying with an American Chap called Jake who they had found via ADV Riders Tent Space and I had also dropped him a line a couple of days of ago asking could I also stay at the same time and the response was sure so I had a destination back to Sao Paulo the only problem was it was pissing down with rain but I guess this is to be expected when you are staying in a rain forest. So I packed Daisy in the rain said Tata to everyone I was a bit sad to be leaving as I could have easily stayed a couple more days in this great little place but you know me onward and forward it is unlikely that I will double back but I highly recommended the Kaissara Hostel in Trindade unless you are an arse then your are not welcome 🙂

It was further and longer than I thought to Sao Paulo you probably thinking its Phillys planning and map reading gone wrong again but today I will blame the weather it never stopped raining all day and I mean raining the proper hard wet stuff I was soaking wet all day.I had to negotiate some seriously tricky roads steep winding roads with cars crawling up the hills on roads that where more like rivers than roads it would be just about ok if no traffic but a huge amount of slow stop start traffic on very steep inclines with little to no grip so Daisy clutch was given a serious workout today I am trying not to stop as when you did you had to try a cover the back brake as the front had no weight or grip on it so it would lock and then start sliding backwards and I am not very good at going backwards some say not very good in going forward either 🙂  (ABS is no good in these conditions either)

But as Daisy is fully loaded and is pretty heavy so holding her up on one leg whilst sliding backwards and trying to cover the back brake as well is very difficult so there was a lot of cursing going on in Phillys Nolan Helmet today.

Then I hit all the tolls road into Sao Paulo so I had to stop and take my sopping wet gloves of pull out my soggy wet wallet to pay the toll a slow wet and unnecessary exercise in my view but I do not have much choice.

I was a wet soggy mess when I reached Jakes flat in the Sao Paulo after getting lost on Sao Paulo’s spaghetti junctions more than once.

A quick shower and I was sort of human again and had an excellent evening with Jake and his wife Andrea and A & A and little Olivia there 2 year old daughter keeping us all entertained. A Brazilian BBQ the meat it just kept on coming all night, which was fantastic for this hungry carnivore. So a tough wet day today but it finished with excellent company and the perfect hosts so a big thank you to Jake, Andrea and Olivia for being so hospitable to this wet weary traveller it is most appreciated.


Views from Jakes flat only took 2 piccies today due to bad weather

So after the perfect evening after a wet day in the saddle there’s was only one casualty that being Phillys Passport I had it in its usual place in my Rukka jacket pocket but I guess today there was just to much water as it was a soggy mess a lot of the Visas are ruined I think the Brazilian one is just about legible fortunately but lots of the others are ruined so this could be a problem further down the road. Last time I ruined a passport like this I could not leave the country for 2 months until I got a new one this and this was in Hong Kong in 96 just before the handover so I am hoping it will not be the same issue here!

Sao Paulo to Curitiba, Monday, 18 March 2013, Day 258

Is this how Philly is feeling at the moment?

I had breakfast with A & A as Jake and Andrea had already gone to work. A & A heading to the airport to catch a plane to Munich to pick up Gunnar (there Daisy) to then drive to Bucharest I hope the weathers is not to bad for them and Philly is heading South destination at this stage unknown.

A & A heading back to Bucharest so yet another bye bye photo been a few hopefully there will be more 🙂

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Jake and Andrea for being the perfect hosts to a total stranger at such short notice I am not sure you know how much I appreciate such gestures and how nice it is to stay at folks houses after you have been on the road for so long and I very much enjoyed meeting you and getting to share your bit of Brazil for an evening so for that I thank you 🙂

Daisy is looking cleaner which is a benefit of all the rain however my sheepskin is still wet and my riding kit is still damp but this will dry out on the way (Optimist). It was dull and overcast as I tried to find my way out of Sao Paulo back to the coast and before I knew it I was raining again so it looks like another wet day in the saddle and it was. It rained then stopped then rained some more  and I did not see much when it was raining it was probably a very pretty ride that I did but I was in the clouds or it was pissing down so I could not see much along the way. I had to be pretty focussed all day as roads where very greasy and treacherous when wet.

Daisy amongst the Bananas

As I was heading down the coast wet damp and not been able to see anything the thought that was going through my head was why am I doing this I should just call it quits and go home. I think I was a bit jealous of A & A who where on the plane heading home and just seen a glimpse of being at home at Jakes and Andreas and I was a bit road weary myself and it was going to be another month before I would be back in my little pad in Holland. So I was doing the calculation on how long I would need to get to Buenos Aires and could I move my flight forward could Sandra get Daisy on a plane earlier so in other words I was wet miserable lonely and I wanted to go home. But than the other side of the argument kicked in Phillip Dean Beckwith you jammy shit you are riding a wonderful motorcycle Daisy through Brazil you are going to ride down along the coast to and through Uruguay as well. You have the luxury currently of not having to work and the huge opportunity to experience stuff other folk’s just dream about and you are out there doing it now. You will be bored shitless after being back for a week wishing you where here just like how you are wishing you are back at home at the moment so in short after wallowing and feeling sorry for myself gave myself a little pep talk and at that moment the sun should have come out birds should have starting singing with nice music fading in but that did not happen it just kept on raining so I started the singing myself and I punched in Curitiba as my new destinations in my GPS as I am always happier when I have a target and it’s a good sign when Philly is singing as normally this means he is happy. About that taking it easy it was 2pm and Curitiba was 280km wet riding away so I also was happy at giving myself stupid hard stretch targets it leaves me less time for wallowing and feeling sorry for myself as I now needed to focus on the job on hand instead.

I pulled up at the place that I had punched into my GPS 4 hours ago with no feeling in my fingers as it was cold and I was soaked to the skin. I was not sure what the place I was heading for would be like but it turned to be an Hostelling International place so not to expensive and a courtyard for Daisy and a simple one bed room for Philly and across the road a shopping mall with a huge food court so in short everything I need after another long wet day in the saddle so I settle in hung up all my wet kit and went for some food and aI  wander then back to the hostel to update this and then to bed. I  had a blanket for the first time in ages it is a complete change in the weather from hot and sweaty to cold and wet so all I need is to get rid of either the sweaty and or the wet part and I would be much happier but as I have no influence on this lets just roll with punches and see what tomorrow will bring 🙂

Hopefully the sun will come out down the road and I will get to see what is hidden behind the veil of clouds and rain heres hoping 🙂

Curitiba to Blumenau, Wednesday, 20 March 2013, Day 260

Blumenau in the Rain

Todays destination is a Germanic town of Blumenau that Jake had told me about all I know is that there is a huge beer festival every year biggest in the world after Munich and allegedly lots of pretty girls. Not to far so no hurry to leave weather dull and overcast as I leave Curitiba it sort of try’s to rain all day but not enough to put my waterproofs on but damp and greasy in places.

I am heading for a Posada I had the address of and just as I find the place after riding around in ever decreasing circles its starts to rain. I checked in and I was debating on how long to stay as I had no idea what there was to do in this place. There was a mini beer festival, which was starting today which is the universe way of taking the piss out of Philly as he had decided to stay dry till he gets home 😦  lady at the hostel is not sure she has space for tomorrow night so I book in for one night and go for a wander and it is really pissing down. I walk around in the rain for a couple of hours and I am piss wet through I am sure this may be a nice town but in this weather not that attractive a nice modern cathedral and German looking buildings dotted all over the place. I get in to ruck about 50 cents on a bill for a pasty and a coke I had so I am still in a looking for a ruck kind of mood or maybe I was just soaked and tired and sick of getting screwed even if its only for 50 cents so what has happened to the relaxed chilled out Philly it looks like he still hiding I need to drag him out or its not going to be a very nice couple of weeks. I headed back to the Posada soaked to the skin by now and I was going to take a look at the beer festival but it was to far to walk in this weather and the temptation to fall of the wagon and go on a serious bender was there and I am not sure that is the wisest move at this moment 🙂

I spent the evening trying to get my kit dry and reading I have started a new book as part of the lets get Phill to slow down and relax campaign John Grisham novel so not so taxing and easy reading.